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Lacuna Kitchen is the first to combine the power of seed cycling and the knowledge of cycle synching in one convenient product: Alchemy Delights seed cycling bars. We suggest a minimum of three months to feel the full benefits of Alchemy Delights seed cycling bars.  

For as little as $2.73 per day, seed cycling has never been more convenient with Alchemy Delights seed cycling bars!


  No grinding, mixing or cooking required

What you get:

  • 28 Alchemy Delights seed cycling bars in four different flavours reflective of the seasons, organized in a week by week series in which to consume them.

  • Guiding words on the packaging of each bar to keep you connected to the energy of your cycle everyday of the month.


  • A printable PDF file of the Cycle Synching calendar to help you connect to the energy of the seasons in your cycle. The Calendar offers suggestions of exercise routine, food and even emotional support.  

5 x winter bars + 9 x Spring bars + 7 x Summer bars + 7x Fall bars = 28 bars

One for each day of your cycle