About Us

Lacuna Kitchen 

Lacuna Kitchen came into existence to guide, support & inspire women to live according to their cyclic nature and ultimately to be the very best of themselves. 

We seek to share the ancient knowledge and wisdom of our cycle and bring a deeper understanding of ourselves and each other.


Our name Lacuna Kitchen, means a gap, and we are striving for this missing portion of ancient wisdom.


We believe that the quality of our ingredients is paramount. We source the best quality ingredients and use as many organics as possible. All to harness the very best nutrition for our products.

Our Mission

Our missions at Lacuna Kitchen is to guide women in creating a deep awareness of their cycle so they may live happy, healthy and balanced lives.


Our Goals

To guide, support & inspire women

to take charge of their own health. 


Our Core Values

Innovate, Educate & Inspire

Absolute commitment to quality

Respect and devotion to Mother Nature

No compromise on being who we are