Q - When should I start eating Alchemy Delights seed cycling bars?

A - Start eating the Winter bar the first day of your menstrual cycle which is when you start to bleed.

Q - Can I seed cycle if my period is irregular or if I do not have a period at all?

A - Yes, you can seed cycle by following the lunar cycle as shown on The Calendar. If your period is irregular, seed cycling can help regulate your period.

Q - What if I am still spotting or bleeding when I get to the Spring bar on The Calendar?

A - Continue eating the bars as shown on the Calendar.

Q - Can I seed cycle if I'm pregnant or nursing?

A - No, it is suggested to not seed cycle during this time. Although, seed cycling can be a great way to regulate your cycle when you're done nursing. Some women start 3 months before weaning to give the body the nutrients it needs. Talk to your naturopath to determine if and when you should start to seed cycle.

Q - Can I seed cycle while on the birth control pill?

A - Yes, you can seed cycle for the nutritional benefits and following The Cycle Synching Calendar will help you connect to your cycle.

Q - Can I seed cycle while coming off of the birth control pill?

A - Yes, seed cycling can help to regulate your cycle after coming off the birth control.

Q - How soon will I see improvements in my cycle?

A - We recommend consuming Alchemy Delights seed cycling bars for a minimum of three months to observe the benefits of seed cycling.

Q - What do I do if I forget to eat my seed cycling bar for one day?

A - Our bodies are quite adaptable, don’t worry if you forget to eat your bar one day, just eat both the next day and continue following The Cycle Synching Calendar.

Q - Can I seed cycle if I am perimenopausal or menopausal?

A - Yes, you can start seed cycling on a full moon as shown on The Cycle Synching Calendar to connect to your cycle. The combination of seeds are nutritionally dense and can benefit women in all stages of life.

Q - How do I store the seed cycling bars? Do I have to refrigerate them?

A - We package our bars promptly to reduce oxidation of the seeds to preserve freshness and the integrity of the seeds. You do not need to refrigerate your Alchemy Delights as they are expertly sealed to maintain freshness.

Q - How long do the seed cycling bars stay fresh?

A - To preserve the integrity of the seeds, our bars are packaged as soon as possible after grinding. We use quality packaging with an airtight seal to maintain the freshness of the product. We recommend using the product within two months.