Alchemy Delights, Seed Cycling and the 4 Seasons of Our Cycle

Alchemy Delights 

Alchemy Delights is a thoughtfully designed system which includes 28 seed cycling bars, one for each day of your cycle. Alchemy Delights come in four different flavours representative of the four seasons found in nature which correlate to the four seasons in our menstrual cycle.

The system includes a calendar that demonstrates which season you are in depending on your cycle. The packaging also includes suggestions of actions to take, best suited for where you are in your cycle, increasing awareness and understanding of your cycle. 

Gaining understanding of our cyclical nature attunes us to our natural rhythm. Life no longer feels like we are swimming against the current. When we are attuned to the ebb & flow we listen to our bodies when it says it is in need of rest and just like the waves of the ocean who gently recede, we also come barreling back with incredible might.  

By gaining a deep awareness of our cycle we can utilise it’s natural power within our lives. 

Alchemy Delights, when used daily for a minimum of three months, can help alleviate hormonal imbalance symptoms such as; cramps, acne, breast tenderness, mood swings and food cravings. We are all unique and will expirience improvement of symptom at different stages. 

What is seed cycling? 

Seed Cycling is a method of balancing women's’ hormones naturally by consuming a combination of seeds synchronized to our menstrual cycle.

Phase one, called fullicular, begins on the first day of your menstruation until the 14th day of your cycle. The combination of pumpkin & flax seeds ingested daily during phase 1, will inhibit excess production of estrogen and improve progesterone levels to cultivate harmonized hormones.

Phase two, the luteal phase, starts on the 15th day of your cycle, from ovulation till menstruation. Sesame and sunflower seeds work together to keep progesterone levels from rising and falling. Fluctuating progesterone levels during the second half of our cycle can cause symptoms such as; cramps, acne, breast tenderness, mood swings and food cravings. 

Seed cycling delivers the nutrition we require during our cycle.

The 4 seasons of our cycle

Cycles are predictable patterns and when recognized one can utilize it’s incredible power. From planetary to seasonal cycles, we have been using cyclical power for all of eternity. 

We can observe nature’s own cycle, seasons, reflected within our own cycle of life. Spring is representative of birth; summer is when one’s life opens up as it is deeply nourishing. Fall is a depiction of the later part of life where one finishes up projects and is in preparation for Winter, death. In winter one’s activities slow down and think of the year gone past. 

These seasonal attributes are reflected within our own menstrual cycle which guide us in our actions and emotions throughout the month much like the seasons in nature. 

Alchemy Delights not only deliver the nutrition we need when we need it, but it also acts as a gentle reminder of where we are seasonally in our cycle. 

There is POWER in our cycles. 

In Conclusion

Seeking hormonal balance requires you to make a commitment to yourself. Nutrition is an important step towards our bodies finding hormonal health but we must not neglect other aspects such as mind & soul. Stress is a huge culprit and we must look at our overall health when considering our hormones. Our bodies give us signs of imbalances and it is up to us to listen and act upon it.