Cycle Synching & Our Libido

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When I understood that my menstrual cycle affected every aspect of my life, I realized it was crucial to have a good understanding of my own cycle since it had the potential to affect the people I loved the most. 


When our children were younger and days were filled with fun family outings there were some days that felt overwhelming. Still, I would forge on regardless of my energy level. I became resentful and exhausted.


As I learned more about cycle synching, a method of adjusting your lifestyle to the rhythm of your cycle, I gained a deeper knowledge of myself. With this new found understanding, I was able to allow myself to rest when I had no energy and I would choose to stay home instead. 


My energy level would fluctuate according to my cycle phase with my libido also fluctuating throughout the month. Sharing this knowledge with my husband created an open dialogue  which naturally brought our relationship closer. 


Learning how my body works biologically, regarding my libido, was crucial. While gaining more knowledge about myself I was rewarded with heightened pleasures. The rhythm of love making and the intensity will change from one phase of your cycle to the next. 


We are all uniquely different and our menstrual cycles will affect our libido differently. There is a common  pattern in our cycle that we can tune into. Saying that, we do have personal preferences that play into the equation. 


When we are in WINTER, the menstruation phase, some women prefer to completely close off. Whilst others can tune into their libido and benefit from an orgasm to sooth the muscles of their uterus.  


The follicular stage, known as SPRING, is the next phase. At the end of this phase, estrogen is at its highest and many women feel an increase in their sex drive. 


SUMMER is when we ovulate. Our body’s biological motive is to create a baby during this phase. We feel at our sexiest and most desirable during SUMMER. We even release pheromones that others find irresistible.


FALL, the week before we menstruate, is known as the Luteal phase. We tend to slow down and want to cocoon. During this phase, the intensity of your desires may decrease. Perhaps the pace slows down and your need for more hugs increases. 


Observe your desires throughout the next month and tune into your very own pattern. These patterns hold crucial information about yourself. 


Tune into your desires driven by your biology!


Cycle Synching made me observe my wants and desires and allowed me to share the important information with my partner, deepening our connection.  


Alchemy Delights seed cycling bars & the Cycle Synching Calendar is a tool to stay connected to the energy of your menstrual cycle.   


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